Monday, July 10

World Cup Sucker

Italy has just won the Soccer World Cup 2006 against France in Berlin, Germany.

That sucks.


Performance of the Year. Sucker.

This act was performed by Grosso against Australia (26 June 2006), which gave Italy a penalty kick just before the time was up. They scored and went to the next round. Australia went home. Everyone who saw that game also saw that there was absolutely no reason for a penalty kick other than desperate act of theatrical performance by Mr. Grosso.

I never liked soccer so much and this did not really make it anymore appealing for me. I think they should check the camera footage in the case of penalty kicks to make sure that a game is not won by something which belongs on a movie set.

They say that the best team always wins, but that of course is just a load of bullshit.

Vector at Monday, July 10, 2006

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