Saturday, September 4

Family Ties & Competition

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I may live in The Netherlands, but I'm not a native. The country I originate from has some national oddities like a number of weird competitions. Sitting on an anthill - voluntarily - is not considered in most countries as something a sound minded man would do. Or getting in a tiny room of 130 degrees Celsius and staying in there, throwing water on hot stones until your back is full of water blisters the size of you fist or until the other stupid ass gets out first. Nope, these things would not gain popularity elsewhere.

Also, we have a wife carrying competition, even some foreign people have heard about that, and competed in it and won. After this form of having fun with your family, came Hubby Dragging, though not so well known as Wife Carrying. Principle is the same; tools for the competition come from your family - the lighter the better.

I have thought about these competitions and it has dawn to me that the next logical step would be "Sling the Kid" and "Push the Mother-in-Law". With kids there should be age limits as in regular sports events, for example age groups 5, 8 and 10. Older than that would probably make the competition end up in know teenagers, never do what you say. Even older, and they would be slinging the slingers, "up yours, old man!"

Push The M-i-L would be more easier. It should be organized, to make it a real cliffhanger, at some suitable natural the edge of Grand Canyon for example. If that makes it too difficult to organize, any hole in a ground will do. Like dried up well or a mine shaft. A deep one.

Setting up competitions which are dependent on your family members is totally up to your own imagination. The bigger the family, the more options.

This really would give a new meaning for all those "family-get-togethers".


Vector at Saturday, September 04, 2004

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