Monday, September 27


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My Karma Report:

"Prestige and class distinction dominated your interests during past lives. You took on the role of protector and benevolent dictator in all your relationships."

Benevolent Dictator...I like that.

"Your involvement in any undertaking adopted a romantic or dramatic air. You took any slight against your work, family or possessions as a personal affront - with your pride, dignity and ego assaulted. Any person foolish enough to make such a slight would cease to be recognized."

Undertaking with a romantic air?? I also like 'ontoptaking' and 'behindtaking' aka 'doggytaking'.
I still get my pride, dignity and ego assaulted on a daily basis, so what's new.

I guess it will take still a couple of thousand lives for me to get it right...

Vector at Monday, September 27, 2004

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