Saturday, July 23

It's the business

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Today I have been mainly eating junk food, but I also created this piece of art.

Now it's clear in which box I have Linux installed. At the moment Ubuntu and still I have no complaints.

This classical thing happened to me a couple of days ago.

It's one of those things which either make you laugh out loud or then you pull your hair out in frustration.

I was laughing.

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Sunday, July 10

GTA: San Andreas

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GTA aka Grand Theft Auto is a game which is loved by many. It's latest version GTA: San Andreas will probably just make the fanbase larger.

I finished playing the storyline yesterday - well, actually this morning - and I have to say it is better than it's predecessors. Better graphics, better feeling, better all over.

Neverheless, there are also some annoying parts:
1. No free saving possibility (god knows why?!?) which in a game where you don't actually die is not maybe seen so important, but after you have tried some mission for the 33th time it kind of gets on your nerve. Make it optional, Rockstar people, if you are afraid that it messes up with the groove of the game.

2. When you are in a car, there are cars going pass you one way and the other. Once you get off your vehicle or lose it (=explodes for example) suddenly the road is empty. You can stand there and wait - and wait - and wait - and so on. Finally there is maybe someone coming with a bicycle or something.
This is ENORMOUSLY annoying if you need to get wheels really quick.

3. While driving and looking behind you (middle mousebutton with me) and then returning to normal 'looking forward' mode, there is suddenly a car in front of you where just a seconds ago was a mile long empty road. Grrrrrrrrrrrr......

4. Flying is cool. Controls for it - not. I assume it all goes better with a pad, I was using keyboard and mouse and it is not the most ergonomic/relaxed way to control a plane/helicopter.

It would have been also nice if you could get those radio stations while walking/running. Give the character a Walkman and that's it.

Anyway, it is a good game, lots of things to do and see and above all to hear (makes you really laugh at times) and takes a long time to play through.

Gamefun guaranteed for days - for sure.

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Ubuntu update

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As I mentioned before, I had a speaker set sitting in the corner and I was going to hook it up with my linux box. I did that today and everything worked fine. That was of course what I expected since all of the components were working fine with Ubuntu.

Then I got some codecs, set up Rhythmbox and was listening to good music in no time. SHOUTcast is one good source for stations, have to look for some more as I get around to do it.

Vector at Sunday, July 10, 2005

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