Saturday, September 4

Evolution & Future

Have you noticed how everything in this world just keeps getting better and better. For example: dishwashing detergent. Not only does it take the stuff off your plates, it also takes care of your hands and smells nice. Moreover, it keeps getting better and better! With only one drop, you can wash more and more filthy dishes. If you ever thought about getting off the hook when it is your turn to do the dishes, and there is only the smell left in the bottle, you'd better think again. Even with that smell, you can do dishes six times over. I'm sure in couple of years, it is enough to just keep the bottle open at the kitchen counter and pass the dishes over it. Clean as a fiddle.

Other example would be deodorants; at the moment we are only protected 24 hours a day. Soon however we will get better protection…once a month a short spray under other arm and you'll be good. This makes me think about all those smelly people you will encounter outside. Don't they use any deodorant at all? How is it possible in these modern times of full time, smell-proof, under arm protection that someone stinks? Are these people some kind of radical protestors, like pantomimic anarchists?

These things are worthy of thinking….don't you think?


Vector at Saturday, September 04, 2004

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