Monday, September 6

Swedes may be a bit thick, but not that thick!

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A guy gets a parking ticket. That's nothing, most of the driving people will get a ticket sooner or later.

Getting a ticket from another country may not be so common, but can happen if you travel by your own car/bike/etc.

Getting a ticket from another country while not being in that country, should be really rare case.


Apparently not. This Swedish guy got a ticket from England, but he hasn't been in the country in 16 years. And he is not the only Swede receiving surprise mail from the Euro Parking Collection, which insists that he has been parking his snowmobile illegally in Warwick on June 22 this summer...

I guess no one really checks those tickets sent abroad, if they were anyone with common sense would have been wondering how you end up in central England with your snowmobile in the middle of the summer anyway.

"All services are based on our powerful custom built database..." - yeah, I believe that!

Vector at Monday, September 06, 2004

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