Sunday, October 3

Games that suck ass

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There are a lot of games which do just that and with me they are usually those shitty console games turned PC games.
Game industry is leaning towards the console markets so that all those PS2, GC, X-box and what ever owners have enough so called games in which to spend their money.

Some of those games - not all, thank god - are translated to PC games and my experience is that usually the games just suck ass big time. Most of the time it has to do with graphics, controls, savepoints (lack of them).

I was playing True Crime the other day. Enough to realize that I won't be getting it for myself. The game camera hops around by itself, and you can't really control how it turns. The baddies materialize from thin air, so does the cars on the streets. The whole thing has 'console' written all over it. Does not play nicely with PC - in other words: Sucks Ass.

Other example is Spiderman 2. Unless you need to have a game for your 5 year old kid, don't buy it for PC. The console version (I heard) is different from the PC version, which sucks really hugely (PC version that is). First of all it lasts...well, actually it doesn't last, it is short. Really short. To pay a full price for it is stupid. I can't imagine why oh why did they release it for PC at all other than just rip the money off the customers who thought they are going to get something nice to play.

An example from other end of the spectrum is Pandora Tomorrow, the new part of Splinter Cell. It works a lot better on PC. In fact, everything works just fine, I could even save when ever I wanted.

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