Thursday, December 2

Make Love Not SPAM Part 4

248° 35' NET

Oh dear. Now the Lycos screensaver site is blocked by Internet backbones: site has been blackholed by Global Crossing's worldwide network. This makes it hard to access the site from some parts of the world.

Apparently they are worried about the Internet traffic generated by this screensaver. In principle it is a DDoS attack, nevertheless I saw someone commenting that traffic generated by this screensaver is nothing compared to the traffic caused by pre-teen KaZaa users all over the world.

Lycos denies still that the site has been hacked, but F-Secure blog says they have more than one user who have seen the defacement and have screenshots.

I'm sure this story still holds some twists and turns. We'll see...

Vector at Thursday, December 02, 2004

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