Monday, September 13

It's WinFun!!

185° 30' NET

A deeeeeeep sigh...

It's kind of funny in a salt on open wounds kind of a way.

Picture # 1

Yes, it is enjoyable. My personal fav color is blue. That's why I just love Windows.

Picture # 2

Yes, it is ultimate safety, security and privacy. No doubt about that - if it doesn't work, nobody is going to crack it either.

Picture # 3

Ah, they speak in riddles...

Picture # 4

Oh, yeah. Up and running. Though first you really have to get up and running before you can start getting up and running with updates.

Picture # 5

Where is it? I want a copy too.

Picture # 6

Yeah, sure, my computer may be like a lightning and steady as a rock. I just wish my OS would match it.

Picture # 7

Does not compute. But it sure is pretty personal, only my closest neighbours hear about it time to time. Even though I have quite thick walls.

Vector at Monday, September 13, 2004

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