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Anyone who is having problems with IE x.x should just leave it be and get Mozilla Firefox. Especially if you are a private user. This article gives some info about the whole project and Mozilla Foundation.

I have been using Firefox for a couple of moths now, full time, and it has only crashed or hanged four times. With IE that was happening maybe 2 -3 times per week.

It is true that with IE you get a match with all the websites around - at least the ones I have been using - but Firefox is not so much behind. I had to download a few plug-ins first, but since then I have had only two sites which didn't show me the whole content of the page (text was visible and readable) and only one page which didn't work at all (log in page of a school, not very important for me).
To get around these rare cases you can install a plug-in for Firefox which opens the page you want in IE. So far I have used that function a couple of times. None of these pages had anything important which I didn't see with Firefox, just some components on the page which didn't work.

For me Firefox is the browser, I'm happy with it and wouldn't want to go back to IE anymore. And I won't.

If you are frustrated with IE, give firefox a try. It might make you happy.

Vector at Sunday, September 12, 2004

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12 September, 2004 15:35 Blogger mightymerk said...

I agree!!

I use Firefox for my work PC. It works great. Kind of ironic that the only web site it does not work with (that I have found so far) is my parters web site in the (maybe you can help me figure this out).

I use a Mac at home, running OSX, so Apple Safari rock! Image captures and page loading is much quicker than with IE.

12 September, 2004 16:42 Blogger Vector said...

Well, I'm not an expert with these things, but I looked at it and what I noticed is that they are missing is_gecko from the sniffer script. Maybe that's it?

There's version 1.0 coming later this year. I'm quite happy with my 0.9 version, maybe I'll update once 1.0 is out.

PS. Mac is quite cool, I think. Has always been the one ahead the rest!

12 September, 2004 17:33 Blogger Vector said...

Oh, and you can also bypass it by going straight to

Should work.


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