Saturday, September 11


3 years ago a bad bad thing happened. No one can deny that.

However, it happened 3 years ago. It's turning in to something else than what it was originally, but hey, so what. It's not my business anyway, those who want to keep it up year after year after year can do so.

I don't know how a normal average american thinks the whole thing is viewed in Europe after 3 years. Maybe they think that a normal average european feels what they feel? Actually I don't know exactly what a normal average american feels about it either, but what I see in TV today doesn't correlate to what I see over here.

I have lost people who were close to me, family and friends, both naturally and not so naturally. What I'm saying is that 3 years is a long time - maybe the sorrow is harder to get by when it is collective in such a great scale. Don't know.

If it is only sorrow, that will eventually pass. If it is the feeling of getting surprised when not watching, wounded by an enemy, shame and revenge, then I'm afraid it is going to take a lot longer.

Vector at Saturday, September 11, 2004

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