Thursday, September 9

USA hates nipples

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While thinking about how to fix my broken uranium centrifuge, I suddenly got this message in my head:
USA hates nipples.

Yes, CRT radiation is bad for your brains, kids.

Now that I think about it, the idea seems at least partly correct - in California they still tolerate them, but only the fit , tanned ones, the ones going to the gym.

Anyway, there has a lot of water gone under the bridge since The Incident - that terrible, horrifying moment in the global history - when the whole world saw the start of The Attack of The Nipples. It will be remembered and your kids are going to read about it in their history books.

Since that sad and evil moment, the world has changed for good. The freedom of the free output, the essence of the live feed, has been for ever damaged by the crusading nipples...those bastards! The liberty is at stake here!

To the arms, citizens! Be ever vigilant and look out for any suspicious activities which would possibly, maybe, probably somehow connect to The Attack of the Nipples! The chain is as strong as its weakest link and you don't want to be that weak bastard! You go home with nothing!

So far we have been lucky, no major incidents have happened- the sovereg...sovei...the US of A is still on top of things, but that is only because of our common efforts to keep nipples out of our lives - our way of life. We want to keep it that way. And we shall, you have our word on it.

Note - if by any chance you do see a nipple peaking in public places, you have to act quickly. Try to lure it out in an area where there are no other innocent people around (nipples are prone for public display, thus making the maximum damage when exposed) and when it doesn't expect it, leap and grab it. Tightly! This is a life and death situation! Then administrate a firm suck on the sucker and when it pops up, catch it with your fingers and TWIST the fuckers neck!

Stay alert, you may save the world.

Vector at Thursday, September 09, 2004

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