Saturday, September 4


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Just an hour ago I finished watching The Passion of the Christ, a movie by Mel "Mad Max"/"Buttocks"/"Leathal Weapon"/"Braveheart"/"Patriot" Gibson. All that buzz about the movie made me think it would be even more violent than what it was. It is not so outrageously violent that you can't watch it.

The story in itself didn't have much flesh around it. If you don't have any idea what Bible is about, you better pass this one. I guess the target audience is that +30% of the world who call themselves Christians. Well, you could do worst. The movie has been a hit as I understand.

The movie is also a description of the methods used during those times to punish criminals and such. The scene where Pharisees demand that Jesus has to be sentenced to death made me think that he was considered as an ideological terrorist. O, irony...


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