Monday, September 13

Sir Elton John

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I came across this blog which says that Sir Elton John is auctioning his stuff. He is not short of cash, but wants to sell some photos to diversify the collection. That already says, you are not low on funds! You have to be loaded to 'diversify' your collection.

Anyway, everytime I hear Sir Elton John singing one of his tender love songs, I can't help but thinking that - basically - he is always singing about a guy. That kind of kills it for me.

"And I can't explain
But there's something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away..."


Vector at Monday, September 13, 2004

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10 October, 2004 13:29 Blogger EekAfreak said...

Kinda makez ya wonder about that song .."candle in the wind", no offence to the dead, but got me wondering of what you said:If he thinks of a guy whenever he's playing his songs .."Candle in the wind" must awaken some ..Upward memories :>
yer sarcastic and yerstyle is awesome..keep it up, cause better than having the sense of humour is havin an acute sense of sarcasm!! =]

12 October, 2004 21:27 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks...tragedy of life makes me pee in my pants, since laughing out loud is not polite :)

18 October, 2004 13:02 Blogger EekAfreak said...

Who said that? If you have just invented that "Quote" ...It's to be second best after Murphy's ..Way to go dewd!
and maybe you'd want to check this site out:
funny or sick?! ..I voted for the 1st.


18 October, 2004 16:25 Blogger Vector said...

Yes, I am very proud of it, thank you :)

I checked the web site and I vote funny too! Thanks for the link! :D


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