Saturday, October 30

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Error

328° 27' NET

Ah, I am so proud of this :)

Vector at Saturday, October 30, 2004

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31 October, 2004 14:08 Blogger mightymerk said...

I am not sure what to make of this and a few other of your posts. Are you, or are you not a Star Wars fan?

31 October, 2004 15:32 Blogger Vector said...

I am a fan. I think George Lucas is one of the great storytellers of our time. Not only as a director, but also and maybe more because of the Star Wars universe. I like people with lots of Imagination Power!

01 November, 2004 02:13 Blogger mightymerk said...

I am a Star Wars fan as well. I do not own all the little dolls and toys, nor have I ever dressed up as a character but that story is so compelling.

I often wonder if I had those powers what would I do...unfortunately I probably gravitate more to the Darth Vader would not be very good to be an enemy of mightymerk who had the power of the force!!

(I feel like such a geek typing that)

01 November, 2004 17:31 Blogger Vector said...

Yeah, I don't have toys either. I did get the special DVD release of SW with episodes IV, V, VI and I am looking forward to the next movie. When the DVD pack with the new episodes comes out, I'll probably get that too. And all the games for PC since they give more detail to the SW universe and bits and pieces of information which doesn't come up in the movies.

I like science-fiction. Star Trek is nice too and Stargate/Atlantis of course, but if I had to pick a favorite I would choose Star Wars.

May the Force be with you!


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