Thursday, October 14

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The Finnish football team thanks the Dutch team for being such a great host for the World Cup game yesterday.
I am sure this warm gesture can only make the relationship between these two countries stronger.
So, once more: Thank you from the bottom of my foot...

Who said I can't handle failure???

Vector at Thursday, October 14, 2004

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15 October, 2004 01:03 Blogger mightymerk said...

Great Picture!!! :)

15 October, 2004 19:18 Blogger Vector said...

Hey, you are back! So, how was Europe? :)

16 October, 2004 20:46 Blogger mightymerk said...

Hi Vector,

I regularly check out your site...I just don't feel the need to comment unless I have something of value to say...or I am just plain motivated to do so. This picture made me laugh out loud!!

Europe, as it almost always is, was great. I spent 1 week in Denmark and then a week in Germany. I met my business partner from Utrecht in Köln. He came along with his other partner whom I had met back in Feburary in Utrecth. He is half Belgian and half despite being in only two countries this visit...I feel my exposure to Europe was still rather well rounded.

Original plans were to go to the Netherlands but my partner had never been to Köln, which is currently my favorite and most familiar city in Europe. I was also able to go to my first Oktoberfest in Munich. It is everything they make it out to be...I was a happy guy!! :)

All said and done though...there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed again!!

Conversely, there were many times where I wish I had a sign over my head that said "Save me, I am surrounded by America Hating Idiots" I will save these stories for another day.

I hope to be in the Netherlands in February...perhaps we can meet up for Heiny!!!

17 October, 2004 13:01 Blogger Vector said...

Nice to hear things were good :)

I'd like to hear those stories too. Some people can't make a difference between the country and its leaders. Or don't want to.

Never been on a Oktoberfest myself, but what I have seen is a lot of busty deutsche gals with strong arms running around with huge pitchers full of beer. Oh, and sausages to eat :)

PS. If I am around having a Heiny is cool too...or Hertog Jan or Guinness or maybe something Belgian :)

17 October, 2004 16:04 Blogger mightymerk said...


Good Deal!!

Yes there were plenty of Deutsch Girls with very healthy lungs!! In some way they should have been serving milk instead of beer...but anyway

I have a strong affinity for Belgian Blonde's (not just the girls) so yes a beer from Belgium could be nice!!

Stay Strong!



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