Monday, October 4

War Games

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ShellShock Nam '67. Probably nice on a console. The PC version - surprisingly - sucks like a hoover. From the Vietnam games I have played the best so far is Vietcong. Even that has it's short comings, but it is a better game on PC than ShellShock.

ShellShock is going to be just one more game on my list of games I won't be buying...until maybe a year later when you can pick it up from the cheap rack for 10 e.

The best war game I have is of course Operation Flashpoint with all the extra's. It has good controls, a fuctional squad command system, good enough graphics and a kick ass mission editor. Plus a very vital community.
What made me the most impressed with it years back when I got the first OFP was the freedom of movement. You don't have to walk on a ready made path from which you can't go left of right. You can go around your enemies if you want. If you are in command, you can freely choose your approach. If it doesn't work, you can only blame yourself.

Vector at Monday, October 04, 2004

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