Sunday, October 10

Coffee and Bears

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I am a coffee person. I like that black poison and don't come to me with that caffeine free shit. Won't do any good for me. I need my fix for the day.

When I really need a cup, it is a kind of dangerous situation. You wouldn't like to get between me and my cup. It's like getting caught between a mother bear and its cubs...I can be a bit grumpy...

Vector at Sunday, October 10, 2004

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13 October, 2004 09:59 Blogger Sanna said...

HA! Another coffee person. Espresso, Cappuccino or Au Lait? Latte, Macchiato or Lungo? Irish, Spanish or Vienna?

When I lived in Czech Republic I had a nice chance to travel around Europe and make comparisons with coffee cultures and coffees themselves. I had probably the best latte ever in Brno. They made it into a huge glass, it tasted very soft but not too mild and it had loads of foam with a hint of cinnamon on top of it. Strasbourg had a terribly strong and bitter presso coffee but their au lait was fantastic with fresh, croisants which practically melted in mouth. Berlin... well, nothing's good in Berlin, not even a coffee. Awful thick shit from machines. Yack. And when I was in Vienna I drank Vienna coffee a lot and it was absolutely wonderful with a piece of dark and bitter chocolate. You can't get anything like that from Finland.

How's coffee culture in the Netherlands?


13 October, 2004 17:56 Blogger Vector said...

Well, I fancy capuccino if I feel like it...but then again I just gulp down pretty much everything as long as it has coffeine in it.

They have some nice cafes in Amsterdam. As you might know the term coffee shop does mean a bit more here than somewhere else, so I'm not going to talk about those, though you *can* get a decent cup of coffee in a coffee shop. It's not only pot which is served there.

Some people make normal coffee at home with salt and cinnamon, a custom I have also adopted.


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