Monday, December 6

Make Love Not SPAM Part 7

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It is over. Lycos pulls the plug because 'the controversial campaign has accomplished its objectives'.

Well, if the objective was to show that active measures taken against the spammers are too much for Internet backbone(less) providers, then - yeah - the mission is accomplished.
It also shows that if you are a spammer, you really don't have anything to worry about, just keep doing your stuff. Your six is covered by others.

Spamming spins up money and very few of those who do it are sent to jail. One example of a spammer who was sentenced is Mr. Jeremy Jayne. He looks like a second hand cars dealer, but he did make up to $750,000 a month and managed to build a fortune worth $24 million.
To make that happen he was sending up to 20 million spam emails a day.

That's just one guy.

With 20 000 000 emails of shit per day.

Vector at Monday, December 06, 2004

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