Saturday, February 5

Contact lenses

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I know a guy who got his contact lenses after using regular glasses since childhood. He has a minus vision which means he can see close but not far.

Minus lenses tends to make things look smaller. This he noticed once he sat behind his computer and looked at his tube for the first time with his contacts on. He was surprised how big it suddenly looked. It was HUGE!

This brought another idea in his head and hurrying himself, he dashed to the bathroom. His wife could hear his excited yelling "Wow, it's HUGE!!"

Shrugging to herself, not knowing what all the ruckus was about, she went back to what she had been doing - cleaning up the kitchen counter under cabinet.

She didn't notice her husband who walked in with a big proud smile. Looking down at his spouse, his smile vanished and was replaced by astonished, bewildered expression.
"Man, that's HUGE!!"

Vector at Saturday, February 05, 2005

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