Sunday, January 30

A touch up

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Did a small graphical facelift to this blog.
An improvement, at least in my opinion.
That keeps me from changing the whole template...again.

Vector at Sunday, January 30, 2005

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30 January, 2005 23:24 Blogger mightymerk said...


One day you are going to have to help me change the eye candy on my blog. I have some cool ideas, and have some graphic artist skills...but I know nothing about HTML etc.

Let me know if you can help with this offline.

31 January, 2005 00:36 Blogger Lawn Greengrass said...

thanks for the link to my blog, The Word, I have reciprocated.

31 January, 2005 15:22 Blogger Vector said...

Sure thing, mighty. I'm not a pro myself, but can scrape up a basic html page and do some css.
So fire away.

31 January, 2005 16:05 Blogger Sanna said...

Whoa! A lot has happened since my last visit.

Nice. And very blue. Me likes.

31 January, 2005 17:43 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks Sanna. I'm satisfied with it too - for now :)

31 January, 2005 21:37 Anonymous Anonymous said...

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01 February, 2005 23:25 Anonymous Anonymous said...

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07 October, 2005 16:53 Anonymous Anonymous said...

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