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Canada Connection

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To get back to my previous post on Canada and making a trip there. The plan is to go to Vancouver. Time of the trip around April-May 2005.

I've never been there before, so if anyone has good tips concerning the local must-see attractions or things like that, I'd like to hear about them. Especially places where one can take nice pictures are highly wanted.

Also recommendations for a nice hotel are concidered as a valuable information.

Vector at Monday, December 27, 2004

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09 January, 2005 18:34 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I lived in Vancouver for a year and loved it. Places you should definitely visit are:
Granville Island (a little island full of street performers, yummy bakeries, and the Emily Carr Inst, of Art)
Wreck Beach (a clothing optional beach down a lovely trail from UBC. People leave you alone if you leave them alone)
Rollerblading along the seawall at Stanley Park (just don't go the wrong way or Rollerblading cops will give you a ticket!)
Robson St (where all the expensive stores are)
Granville St (where all the theatres, bars and nightcubs are)

feel free to send me an email if you'd like more details.

10 January, 2005 18:46 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks for the tip(s). That Wreck Beach was all new news for me.
Stanley Park is of course a nice place to go. I was thinking on getting a bike and do some exploring :)

26 January, 2005 14:15 Blogger Grizally said...

Avoid mud slides, bring an umbrella, dont pick up needles.


26 January, 2005 19:01 Blogger Vector said...

Don't pick up needles?! The two first ones make sense but this last one I totally don't get :D


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