Sunday, December 19

What did I learn in Lisbon

172° 25' NET

Well, the trip is over and done with. It was a great getaway for a few days.

I did learn some things on the way and I have pictures to prove it.

1. Sunrises can be entertaining. I was waiting for this damn thing to come up for a long time. The reason being that the plane was flying away from the sun to other time zone. This one is taken very early in the process of sunrising.

2. They have old buildings in there. This one is a part of an old monastery.

3. You can use your imagination with parking your car.

4. The oldest blogger - since 1732 - comes from Lisbon, Portugal???

5. And last - in our serie of 'What difference does 30 years make?' or 'So close but still 30 years apart' or 'Cracking down on the generation gap."

All in all, it was a nice trip.

Vector at Sunday, December 19, 2004

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19 December, 2004 16:08 Blogger honestyrain said...

here from BE and stayed past the 30 seconds. your pics are lovely. now i want to go on a trip. hope you had a nice time.

19 December, 2004 16:50 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks, I did have nice time over there. I want to go again later, but during summer time - though +16 °C was not so bad for me especially when in the Netherlands it was +2 °C when I came back.

Good luck with trip hunting :)


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