Monday, December 20

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For some reason I like Canada. I don't have a good reason for it, I just do. Just check the sidebar.

Maybe it is because of the similarities I see between my country and Canada...maybe it is something else.

I think this Molson beer commercial is a good example.

Vector at Monday, December 20, 2004

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21 December, 2004 20:30 Blogger Halden said...

It's nice to hear good things about Canada. We tend to hear mostly sarcasm and mocking from our neighbours from the south.

21 December, 2004 21:52 Blogger Vector said...

Yes, I have heard about that before...and if I remember correctly it was also quite cleverly and humorously brought up in the South Park movie.

Anyway, I plan on making a trip to Canada somewhere in April-May. The idea is to go to Vancouver, BC.

21 December, 2004 23:39 Blogger mightymerk said...

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21 December, 2004 23:42 Blogger mightymerk said...

Neighbors mock each other. As an American, I get to endure quite a bit of this especially when dealing with my Canadian and French partners(let's not get into the pathology though).

Europe is no different.
I remember a good joke I heard from my friend in Germany. It goes like this.

In the Netherlands, when you fail your drivers test 3 times they award you a yellow drivers license. (I think Vector will get this joke)

I won't even start to get into what Swedes think of Norwegians!!

23 December, 2004 18:35 Blogger Vector said...

Yeah, I got the joke :)

Neighbouring nationalities does have a lot of jokes of each others. Germans are rude, Belgians are stupid and so on.

I remember one joke too, it's not so much of a 'nationality mocking' joke as an example of communication problems.
A little dictionary may be in order to get it:
Paard = a horse
Fok = to breed may see where this is going but anyway...

There was a dutch farmer who went on a holiday to USA.
He won the trip in a contest. It was a luxurious package with a 5 star hotel all-included and some nice activities for him to do.
One of those activities was organized golf trip to a highly exclusive golf course and he decided that he wanted to try that.
He had been golfing before but that was a long time ago, nevertheless he picked up the game pretty quickly and was soon slamming pretty nice shots.
Suddenly, as he had finished a nice 185 ft. drive on the 6th hole, he heard a voice behind him.
- That was a pretty darn nice drive.
He turned around and was suprised to see G.W.Bush (it's always the current US president) standing there.
- Ah, sir, I am not so good with golf anymore. I had to stop playing when I took over my fathers business.
- Really. Well, you've still got the feel for the game, that's for sure. But what kind of business takes your time so that you don't have time for golf anymore?
The man was thinking a second, his English was not that perfect and he didn't know what his profession was in English. Then he just decided to say it in Dutch and see if GWB got what he meant.
- Oh, I fok horses. I'm a fokker, but just a little one. All the big ones still manage to play golf.
GWB gave him a long blank stare
- Pardon?
- Yes! Paarden!

23 December, 2004 22:43 Blogger mightymerk said...

outstanding joke!! :)

I shall share with my Dutch friends!!
Perhaps they have not already heard this!!

interesting also to note the origins of the famous Fokker Airplane name!!! ;)


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