Monday, January 10

Talking about games...

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My next investment in games is going to be a little different than what I normally do.
Actually it is not a game, it's more like a simulation.

I'm talking about VBS1â„¢.

"Virtual Battle Spaceâ„¢ is a fully interactive, three-dimensional training system providing a premium synthetic environment in which team members may practice small unit tactics."


It's all based on Flashpoint, which is of course the Numero Uno of the wargames out there. Only VBS1â„¢ is better and more complex and you can get nice addons to enrich the game environment. Like Animal Pack - you can have bunnies hopping around! You can have a road kill laying around if you want!! In how many games do you have that option?!

Only downside of VBS1™ is the price. At 108 € (140$US) for VBS1™ + 38 € (50$US) per addon it is a little expensive, but it is a one time buy.

Anyway, I still got to wait before I can order it since my credit card hit the limit last month...stupid month that December.

Still 3 or so weeks before February....

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12 January, 2005 18:41 Blogger Iona said...

Yup, December is an expensive month ;)


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