Saturday, February 26


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Well, after a week - more or less - of editing and adding and correcting and swearing and shouting, it's almost ready: a single player mission for Operation Flashpoint.

This one I started already almost 1.5 years ago, but it's been laying half finished on my computer for about a year. Last week I finally thought about making it ready.

To make one is kind of like writing a book. You need to have a storyline, a plot, which is the backbone of the mission. You have to make mission briefing, notes, weapons configuration, player character setup + other team members, scripts for editor and so on. You also need to decide what if any add-ons you want to use. Then you have to think about the opfor.

After all that is thought about you can start editing and making it work. It takes a lot of time. Depending on how precise you want to be, you can fine-tune it for ages.

I'm almost done with all the editing, most of the triggers are in place, though I think I'm still going to add CoC's mines in the mixture. And I have to do some fine tuning with the enemy behaviour, maybe add some. Then finally I have to sprinkle some civilian activity on the map and hook it up with opfor, since that's a part of the plot. Oh, and I have to add one more objective for the player to fulfill. So, I guess that's still one weeks worth of evening fun and visiting OFP Editing Center.

Once it's ready -in my opinion- I can post it for beta testing and see how it does. Then I have to correct the issues coming up with that, repost it and if all is well, it can be posted for others to download....that would probably still take a while.

Anyway, I had already forgotten the fun of mission designing. It's nice to be doing it again.

Vector at Saturday, February 26, 2005

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