Monday, August 22

Live and learn

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If you ever have a need to take snapshots of your pet at home while airing out your private parts, it is wise to check out those reflections.

Now, I could crack a joke with this material, but - I'll let it slide.

Vector at Monday, August 22, 2005

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23 August, 2005 11:56 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope you didn't take this picture yourself?!

23 August, 2005 18:02 Blogger Vector said...


We do have a cat, but we live in a ground floor and the pussy is not bald.

Now, if you are male, you probably thought twice about that sentence.

23 August, 2005 21:32 Blogger mightymerk said...


Too funny!! At first I thought that you took the photo...surely would have been a mighty blogs winner for next year!!

Thankfully, you have a little more common sense my friend!!

24 August, 2005 17:30 Blogger Vector said...

Well, there is a lesson to be learned here. It is true that when you are photographing, you should pay attention to the background for any reflecting surfaces. You can use these as an element in your photo, but for most people they just ruin it.

Classic example is the 'witnessing the atomic explosion' effect when taking a photo through glass while flashing...hmm, using a flash is what I meant to say...


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