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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Ok, let's try again.

Shortly, it was not a great movie. It was fun(nish) at times, had some action in it and maybe most importantly Angelina Jolie was in it. Well, ok, Brad Pitt did his thing too but he is not my thing. Go figure...go.

Down Boy!

I recon you catch my drift.

Anyway, putting figures aside, the movie was not an exression of deep thoughts or struggle to understand the hardships and inner conflicts of hired murderers. Not that I was waiting it to be any of that. It's all about entertainment, not moral principles. And that's alright.
Also there is a chemistry between Brad and Angelina which works, at least for me, and that saves a lot of the whole movie.

The only thing which really visibly and story wise is missing is a proper, definite ending. IMDB has the explanation for it.

"The original ending featured villains played by Jacqueline Bisset and Terence Stamp. After this was dropped, a second ending was filmed with Angela Bassett and Keith David as the villains. This too was dropped when it was decided that the film did not need a final confrontation with the villains at all."
Wrong. I was watching the end of the movie, the last fighting scene and when that was over I thought 'ok, now they go after the real bad guys' - which they didn't. That made me feel like the movie did not have a closure. I hope they are not planning to make a sequel. Those rarely work because you need to have a strong story from which to work something new. I'm not sure Mr. and Mrs. Smith has that.

IMDB also reveals that there was a hot steamy sex scene in the movie, but it was cut off to get a PG-13 rating.

Damn kids! Nothing but trouble!!

More trivia about the movie in IMDB.

That's it. I hope Blogger won't eat this entry too.

Lovely Angelina Jolie

Had to put one more photo here. Who could blame me? Heh.

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