Thursday, September 16

Wrist tops

298° 02' NET

I have a weakness for watches. Don't ask why, I'm sure it has something to do with my childhood...

Anyway, I remember my first real watch was a TIMEX. I don't remember if my dad bought it for me or did I get it from someone else. All I remember are those letters on the watch face.

Then came the digital revolution and I had to get one of those cool new thingies. I think no one volunteered to buy me one, so I made a mail order. I think it was Casio, can't be sure though. It was shiny little thing and quite cool.

After that my memory kind of gets a little hazy, might be because of my 'studying' phase started and I had to fill my head with all kind of irrevelant information.

The next watch I remember clearly was a dual time thing, analog and digital mixed together. Only I don't remeber what brand it was, but that doesn't matter. It was a nice watch.

After that came Casio again, this time no digital shit, just hands and since I at one point had to crawl in weird places, it was waterproof until 100 m. Never got that deep though. It got a lot of punishment and my cat sliced the timering off, but the glass was always crystal clear.

Next one was Casio again - they make good watches - and I still have it in the drawer for emergency situations. It's digital, normal watch, nothing fancy about it.

At the moment I'm having two models from Suunto, which doesn't make watches - they make wrist top computers. I call it a watch anyway. So far I'm very happy with Suunto, they have a good consept and the product is first rate.

I'm still hooked on watches and I'm keeping my eyes open...maybe some day I'll catch a new model from someone else...probably...

Vector at Thursday, September 16, 2004

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21 September, 2004 17:58 Blogger Dynomaestro said...

No watch since 1995. I'm always looking for clocks. Every so often, I find myself entertaining the notion of a watch. Yet I never fulfill that notion's promise. I think it's the weight. Watch and wait, watch your weight, the watch and its weight, weigh the wait and watch all day, ain't life great?
I like your blog.

22 September, 2004 00:21 Blogger Vector said...

Yeah, at one point I also didn't have a watch. At first it felt kind of weird, I was always checking the freakin' time only the discover my bare wrist....oh, yeah it was while I was studying, now I remember. Didn't need a watch back then.

There were these big outside clocks all over the place, so what the hell I was going to do with a watch...other than be in my class in time...yeah, well...


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