Tuesday, September 21

Yes, your honor. We have an eye witness...

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Imagine this. A bind man kills a deaf man.

Can happen.

Imagine this. A blind guy gets annoyed by the loud noise done by a stereoset owned by a deaf guy and goes to his appartment to settle the score.

Well, I can see (yeah) that the blind guy could find the place with the most noise and knock on the door, but how does the deaf guy hear him? And what the hell does a deaf guy do with stereos anyway?? (yeah, yeah light as alarm and music to feel the beat...but still)

Ok, so the blind guy gets the deaf guy at the door and then they have a fight over the issue and to make it more pressing, the blind guy had taken a kitchen knife with him. So, he puts it on the throat of the deaf guy...you'll see (yeah) where this is going?

I'm not talking about Daredevil here, so a blind guy and a knife is not the best possible combination. Anyway, the result is one dead deaf guy.

The blind guy has confessed that he did put the knife on the throat of the other guy put didn't do anything. He says the deaf guy's artificial leg started to wobble and he fell on to the knife by himself....well, how would he know that...'yes, your honor, we have an eye witness - only he has a slight problem with his vision...'

Do I hear someone laughing???

Vector at Tuesday, September 21, 2004

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