Sunday, October 31

I'm gettin' aggravated!

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Orange County Choppers aka OCC. One of my very favorite tv-shows in the box at the moment...well, actually I think it is about the only one since I watch really really little what comes out.
OCC everytime if I can.

It is nice to see how those amazing machines come together, how it is a real struggle sometimes and how many people are actually involved in fabricating one. And of course the delicious 'battle' between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. is ever intriguing. The old man is gettin' aggravated and the Junior don't know what he is talking about.

So, if a family relation soap is your cup of tea, give OCC a try.

Oh, and I just would like to add that Mikey is doing a great job and should get a rise :P

Vector at Sunday, October 31, 2004

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01 November, 2004 02:10 Blogger mightymerk said...

I do no own a motorcycle. I probably will never own a motorcycle.

I watch maybe 4 hours of TV per week. I do not like reality shows...not a one.

Yet I find OCC one of the most interesting and entertaining shows. I like the dynamics between the family members and fellow workers. The whole motorcycle 'thing' which I never really understood is becoming somewhat more clear to me.

I have a friend in Estonia that is very much into sport bikes and he had asked me a few years back, "What is it with Americans and Harley's?" "The bikes are noisy and not very well tuned" I didn't have an answer for him, because I have only ridden a few motorcycles, mostly motocross type bikes.

I am convinced though, that someone is 12% tougher just because they own a bike like OCC or Harley builds!!! ;)

So which bike is your favorite?

01 November, 2004 17:01 Blogger Vector said...

My favorite is the Statue of Liberty bike. It's seriously great looking thing. I haven't seen them build it which is a shame. I either missed the episode(s) or it's not out yet. I think I missed them.

I also enjoy the dynamics of the people. It is very refreshing to see big adult guys throw large items around in the workshop :D

A chopper - I think - may not be so sophisticated as other motorcycles, doesn't have the same top speeds or have the most comfortable driving position, but it is very much a bigger icon than most of the other bikes. It just got balls! It's simple, beefy, straightforward and plain steel!


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