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Video vs Still

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I have a problem. I'm going for a little trip in a few weeks and as most of the people would like to make nice pictures while on the trip. I was going to look around (and did) for digital camcorders, since I like to have those memorable moments on tape - or on DVD in this case - but I'm not sure if I want to buy one for 300 - 600 € with 800.000 pixel resolution. The tape would be ok, but any still pictures not.

(Un)fortunately I made a mistake and looked also for a new digital camera. And my eyes got hold of a Canon EOS 300D (or EOS Rebel for those who live in the US and around there). A nice piece of engineering, only with plastic covers, but at 745 € that is a bargain. So, here I am with a problem: should I get a camcorder or a new camera which is almost twice the price. I like the idea of being able to switch lenses and generally have a much wider use of the camera since it is a system, but I would also like to have that digital camcorder. I'm not going to get both of them, not at the same time at least.

I think I am for the camera anyway. It just seems that pictures are easier to present to others. For a tape or DVD you need to book a session, meaning you have to sit down and watch a recording of 1.5 hours or whatever. Pictures you can just flip through in minutes.

So, EOS it is! I love it when problems are solved :D

Vector at Monday, November 01, 2004

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02 November, 2004 23:43 Blogger mightymerk said...

I would go with the Camera as well. I hapeen to own both a video camera as well as a digital camera.

A digital camera will get used 100x more then the video camera. Video cameras are nice but they are far too cumbersome for every day use. Video cameras are good for weddings, birthdays etc. Not for being an efficient tourist.

Also, I recommend the Nikon Coolpix 4300.

03 November, 2004 00:19 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly what I thought too :)

Nikon is also a good gadget. It was the other option a year ago when getting the first digi camera, but went for Canon PowerShot A70. Totally satisfyied with it.
Now I want to step up to digital SLR cameras. Also here Nikon was a option (D70), but it is a bit too pricy at 1200 €, though it comes with two lenses then.


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