Sunday, May 22

Jesus is the Force

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I ended up on this page while looking for something totally different. That's one of the great many joys of internet. To look one thing and find something you didn't think of looking.

Gave me many smiles. Though it's too late for me, I guess I'm just doomed by YODAH and the gang.

Also their merchandise is something else...look for Jesus pants.

BTW, I went to see the 3rd part and did like it. It shows why Anakin turned to Darth Vader, though the reason did feel a bit shaky. And his transition happened quite fast. Still, a good movie and I just can't wait untill I, II and III are all on DVD.

Vector at Sunday, May 22, 2005

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24 May, 2005 04:15 Blogger mightymerk said...


Iam with you on that!! Saw the movie as well. Have been real busy as of late but plan on writing a review soon. I like the movie overall. Its kind of weird to think that I have been interested in the Star Wars story for almost thirty years.

24 May, 2005 19:42 Blogger Vector said...

It is a good story. I saw an interview by one of the californian tv-stations (I think) in which George Lucas said that the story was about Anakin, but episodes 4,5 and 6 kind of drowned that point of view for the viewers.

Once the episodes with all the deleted scenes Lucas can add on to them are on DVD, I'm going to have a Star Wars'athon going from 1 through 6 and see how the story feels then.


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