Sunday, April 3

New phone

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After a few days of thinking and surfing through countless webpages, I finally decided which cell/mobile phone I would get.

I went for Siemens SX1 and I have to say I am pretty happy with it. It has most of the things I was looking for:

-big color screen
-MP3 stereo player
-expandable memory
-triple band

and it works just great!

I have two MultiMediaCards (tm) for it, one of 128 Mb and one for 512 Mb. That half meg card is filled with music files and I put also three episodes of Stargate SG-1 in it. Sure the screen is not very big, but with the headphones on it works pretty well. Basically it's the same as watching TV. Also there are programs which you can help to flip the picture on the screen so that you can use all the space up. Have to get one of those later, at the moment Helix player is a great replacement for Real Player.

Music files I converted from MP3's to ogg's. That saves a lot of space with out quality problems. I'm not a hi-fi perfectionist, so what I heard after conversion was good enough. It's all crystal clear and works beautifully.

I also ordered a screen protector from Martin Fields and I have to say, it is such a good product that I really didn't believe everything I read or heard about it. But now I can see it myself. It goes on so perfectly that I hardly can see there is something there. I mean, you see the protector is there from the sides since it is an extra plastic layer on top of your screen, but it sticks on it's place so good that it hardly changes how the graphics looks on your screen. It is amazing.
And if you get some shit under it, you can just pull the whole thing off, clean it and stick it right back on! Amazing, like I said!
If you need a protector for your device, try Martin Fields. Their service works fast and the product is absolutely fantastic.
There, enough praising for one post.

Vector at Sunday, April 03, 2005

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03 April, 2005 09:49 Anonymous bullet said...

wtg! i used to go for a phone with a lot of features but lately i just got the simple one. have to watch my expenses.. the more features there are on the phone, the more i end up paying on the monthly and good to see ya back after about a month ;)

03 April, 2005 14:25 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks, Bullet :)

Yeah, the costs can get high, but at the moment I'm having only prepaid cards for it. I asked about a contract and more importantly how easy it would be to end it before it runs out. If they say it's not going to be a problem then I think I switch to a contract for a year.

For me these 'get a contract and be stuck with it for a year or two' things are weird, because in Finland you can quit your contract at will. I used to have a normal contract when I was there, paid about 5€ per month + costs of calling. When I moved over here, I sent a letter to the company saying I hereby quit my contract and that was it. But then again at that time they didn't have these 'get a brand new latest model cell phone with 0$ as long as you get also our 2 year contract', so that probably explains all of that. I think there are some consumer protection laws which don't allow for companies to bundle a product with their contracts...

03 April, 2005 15:53 Blogger mightymerk said...

Sweet phone.
Actually I have been using the same phone for over 5 is in reality a fossil!! I just have so much on my current phone, and unlike the phones you have now, it has no memory card or way of transporting the information on it to another phone.

One day I will get motivaed and update it...but probably not any time sooner then next year.

Good luck with the phone and have fun in Canada!

03 April, 2005 16:37 Blogger Vector said...

Thanks, mighty :)

SX1 is not really fresh either, it doesn't have EDGE not to mention UMTS, but it was the best option for me - and also affordable. I didn't want to get one which was tied to only one operator, I prefer using any sim card I want in it.

Yes, Vancouver is getting closer, we have our plans pretty much in order. I'm sure we are going to have great time, no matter what the weather is :)


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