Wednesday, March 2

The Eagle has landed!

250° 06' NET

And it was about time! What am I talking about?


Bohemia Interactive....drooooooolllllll.....

And what's inside of this long long waited precious package?
Beer? Sunblock? Koala Bear? Kangaroo?

No, all wrong. It is - of course - this:

VBS1 - Oh joy!

I was talking about it earlier and I made the order 3rd of February. It took a full month to come, which was pretty long time to wait for something you drool for.

But that's all behind me now since I can start installing.

Two CD's, one for VBS and other for the addons I ordered at the same time. In the future it is going to be a lot easier to order addons since I can also dowload those online. When you pay they provide you with a special link which is active for a while so you can download and be playing in a flash. Cool.

Vector at Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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21 March, 2005 03:33 Blogger SquirrleyMojo said...

what took so long?

21 March, 2005 15:21 Blogger Vector said...

No idea. I guess it was kangaroo mail or maybe boomerang and they had to try really hard to get all the way over here.


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