Wednesday, August 24

Are you being served?

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Monday I had a battery replaced for my Observer, since it was all dead. I went to the place I bought it from, because they are the official retailers of Suunto watches.

I gave the watch to a lady who looked at it and said that she had to let the guy at the back do it since it was not so easy to do. At that point my curiosity woke up. What was so complicated with it?

She went backstage and came back saying they could not guarantee that the watch would be water resistant after the battery change unless they send it for a pressure test. If they would go ahead and just replace the battery then it would be on my own risk.
I thought that was silly, since it says in the manual that you can change it yourself, no mention about any pressure tests.

I gave them ok and had it replaced anyway, because I thought they were just talking out of their asses.

Later I checked the Suunto website and there they talk about pressure testing, but that's with the diving gear. Mine is not a diving device. Observer, it said, is water resistant as long as you change the battery carefully and use the Battery Kit which includes a new O-ring and a new cover.

A new cover? I checked mine and it sure doesn't look like it's brand new unless the new ones come with all the shit in it - just like the old one was.

Image hosted by

I contacted Suunto about this, sending a question asking how the replacement has anything to do with pressure tests and also attached that same photo which you see here above wondering if I got what I was supposed to get meaning a new O-ring + cover.

So, in conclusion, I believe they just changed the battery and threw all the old shit in it. That's a no-no for an official retailer, they should only use original Suunto accessories.

We'll see what happens.

Vector at Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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