Monday, September 5

Gas prices

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I just saw this article about gas price gouging in New York and what to do about it. Fadel Gheit of Oppenheimer, the elder statesman of oil analysts also says:

We have the largest gasoline reserves in the world - more than all of Europe combined - yet the President is asking European nations to send gasoline. They are laughing at us, because they already pay $6 a gallon. It's like begging from the homeless.

Actually at the moment in the Netherlands the price is about US$ 7.3 per gallon while in the US an average price is around 3 $.

1 gallon = 3,785412 liters
~ 1.55 € per liter -> 5,8673886 € per gallon
1 € = 1.25752 US$ -> 7.38 US$ per gallon

Anyway, he has the right idea.

Over here the prices are controlled which means you don't really get a much better prices anywhere. I think the differences in prices between different pump stations are minimal.

Vector at Monday, September 05, 2005

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08 September, 2005 18:34 Blogger mightymerk said...

the ugly side of supply and demand :(

I don't complain. Right now I am driving less and walking and cycling more.

If I want to take a long car trip, I now do so acknowledging the additional financial burdent.

After spending so much time in Europe, and paying for gasoline there, I am kind of use to it anyway.

BTW, will you dress up your Bonzai tree for Christmas? I think that would be fun to see and could serve as your December banner!! :)

08 September, 2005 19:59 Blogger Vector said...

It does give you a perspective if you are used to our prices. Remember, we were talking about SUV's when you were over here - when prices go up people also start to look a little more at their vehicle and how much it drinks.
As you know, over here people have more 4 cylinder cars with small engines, so that balances it out a little. And hybrid cars are getting more popular as the prices are getting down.

Dressing up my Bonzai is a great idea! I hope it survives until November so that I can get some small things to hang on it :)


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