Sunday, March 12

Dear Mr. Spammer

I get some spam in my mailboxes, though it does not get all the way in since I am always having MailWasher on which takes care of it before I open Thunderbird. I do see what it is about and I decided to pick some of the things Mr. Spammer wants me to do.

Today I was approached by decnud ( who asked if I am tired of my friend bragging about having wonderful sex every night. Apparently he/she had decided for me that I was tired of it since he/she had a solution for the problem. With his new Viagra Soft T@bs I w1ll be able to open a bottle of beer with my penis.

I don't see how having wonderful sex every night correlates with opening beer bottles with my manhood. Maybe you could get back to me with that, dear decnud, before I go order y0ur V1agra Soft T@bs.

Vector at Sunday, March 12, 2006

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12 March, 2006 16:10 Blogger mightymerk said...

i don't think this type of technique would help Ameircans very most of our beer comes in twist-off tops....ouch!!!

12 March, 2006 16:18 Blogger Vector said...

Yes, that is true. I think this is targeted more to the European market :)


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