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Fable: The Lost Chapters

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Time for a little story about a little boy who grew up to be a hero - not a little hero but a big burly one.

What is this about? Well, like the title says this is about Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is a game which is, after being first released for Xbox, finally available for PC.

I have always problems with games which are ported from a console game to a PC. I mean I usually expect a disaster; bad graphics, bad controls, bad gameplay. Not nice if you pay for the game a full 50€. There are exceptions of course so it shows that ported games can be also great on a PC.

And how did Fable: The Lost Chapters do? Well, it is a success I think, but it was also developed for PC separately from the console version, so I guess I can't say it's just a ported game - it is much more. It has more content that console version, which gives it a bit longer playtime, but it is not a long game even then. With almost all the quests done I was finished with it in about 30-40 hours which is nothing compared to e.g. Neverwinter Night and playtime value of +200 hours.
To make it longer I am now playing for the second time with a character which is a little bit on the dark not underestimate the powah of the dark side....MUAHAHAHAHAAAA....

Anyway, it is a fun game to play. There are things to do and see and you can even start up your own 'import/export' business by moving goods from one place to another. You can also buy buildings and rent them out. Making gold is not too difficult, only you have to go collect it regularly.

You can also let your inner playboy loose and go charm all the women around. You can marry and get a house where your spouse sets to live. You can then go to the next village and do it all over again. Monogamy is for sissies!
On the other hand, mo babes, mo problems - you do have to go and socialize with your spouse(s) and give gifts. If you don't they want to dump you.
If they are really happy with everything then you may also be asked to get involved with them in bed. Not everyone at the same time - one at a time of course. This part of the game is more sounds than anything visual. Somehow I don't think that Fable has anything hidden in the game the same way Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has - this whole thing with GTA:SA and Rockstar Games is just hilarious, but I don't get started with that now. This is about Fable after all.

The world is nicely done with moving grass and all. Sounds are OK too though NPC's seem to have a slightly british accent. Does not bother me and at least now everyone has the accent and not only the bad guys.
NPC's around you have their own routines which they follow e.g. guards doing their rounds and lighting up the lanterns when it gets dark or people going in the pub after the sunset. Inn is an important part of any society, that is no different in a virtual village. You can sleep there, get something to eat and have a hearty drink. Don't drink too much though, that will make you sick and you will puke it out. Not a good move if people see it.

You can also excel in a number of sports like fist fighting, fishing, Chicken Kickin' (my favorite) and more. If you have a taste for stealing that is also possible. Just make sure you don't get caught though nothing serious will happen, you just have to pay a fine.

So, to sum it up, Fable: The Lost Chapters is a fun, entertaining game with a twist of occasionally twisted humour. It's all about fame and glory, being a hero of the people, loved by all - or make them shite their pants by being a badass.
The game is short, but in my opinion still worth the money.

Me bad! You dead meat!

Even if you grow horns you can still enjoy the simple things in life.

You lucky woman!

Too many brews and the world seems a lot more...hmmm...giddy.

Chicken Kicken' fun. Take a short run and -

Let it rip!

Vector at Sunday, October 02, 2005

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