Tuesday, May 31

Search Statistics: Stargate SG-1 members

To continue this 'searched X times' subject.

Does the order change if I look at the character names in SG-1.


Samantha Carter:

Daniel Jackson:

Cameron Mitchell:

Poor Teal'c.

The only real change is with Daniel Jackson going up.
That Cameron Mitchell search total was about something else than SG-1 character Cameron Mitchell.
It takes a while before the character is going to be showing in the search result totals and I think it also requires him to get all the ladies drool after him which makes them search all kinds of tidbits of information of him and the character.

Anyway, by the end of season 9 - I think - the problems will be solved.

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Monday, May 30

Search Statistics: Stargate SG-1 for Season 9

243° 25' NET

Searches done in May 2005:

Christopher Judge:

Ben Browder:
3 208

Michael Shanks:
5 404

Amanda Tapping:
36 872

Poor Christopher.

I think half of the searches of Amanda Tapping had something to do with having no clothes on. Something which Christopher Judge wouldn't mind for himself actually...he is most eager to lower his pants.

Oh, and of course

Teryl Rothery:
2 830

Still more searched than poor Christopher. But then again she is a woman and guys like her. So, do the math.

Anyway, they all have a long way to go for the figures Paris Hilton pulls:
2 534 899 total searches in May.

I imagine a big part of that also has something to do with activities sans clothing.

The results are retrieved from Overture. The overture network of sites includes Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, InfoSpace, CNet, AltaVista.

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And that's how the cookie crumbles

It's late Sunday evening, half past twelve, and I'm going to bed. The Official Stargate SG-1 convention in London is over and even though I missed 1/3 of it, it was fun.
I was going to check out the collective fanbase over here and I did. I have to say it's a little different than the mostly american fanbase I saw in Vancouver. It's a little more quiet and also a bit younger. There was also more people from other European countries. But I guess that's understandable.
Don S. Davies was not here, but I knew that already before I was coming. That was one thing which sucked. One thing which was better than in Vancouver, was the Sunday morning breakfast. The idea was to have mr. Shanks and mr. Judge come to the room, have their photo's taken and then they would mingle. Well, it actually went like that. Only of course they were late, and I could swear I saw two pairs of watery, booze marineded eyes staring from the depths of those pale faces...though with mr. Judge it's difficult to say. The explanation was that the city of London hit them. Makes me want to keep good relations with the City.
Anyway, I'll blog some more once I'm back home.
Now I'm going to sleep.

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Thursday, May 26

London Bridge is falling down

298° 05' NET

I'm going for a long weekend trip to London tomorrow. It's one of those Stargate SG-1 convention things and it's probably going to be the last one I go in a long time.

The weather around here is nice at the moment, sunny and warm, so I hope that's how it's going to be over there too. It's not a long hop, just 1 hour flying. In-Fly-Out.

I'm also interested to see what kind of a difference there is between North-American fanbase and UK fanbase. I think I didn't mention this before, but an awfully big part of North-American fanbase is kind of middle-aged, large butted females - kind of Desperate Housewives meet Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenge. I was a bit surprised by that. I thought there would be a lot more young desperate teenagers. Nothing wrong with it of course, at least it's a sturdy and certainly supporting fanbase.

In Vancouver Christopher Judge made a comparison between women and butterflies. You know, tender and delicate almost fragile beings of beauty. Leaving any fanbase out of that analogue, I think you can't use a word 'butterfly' for describing a woman. First of all, women and butter don't mix well. It all collects in their buttocs. So scrap the butter. What's left behind (no pun intended) then? A fly. That's not very flattering either. "Come here, my fly". Could get confusing if not insulting.
So, what to do? Well, if we stick to a short and precise description, lets pick another three letter word. Nobody can deny that women are beautiful and attractive and oh so tantalizing, right?

Therefore I suggest we call them...


Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Sunday, May 22

Jesus is the Force

314° 14' NET

I ended up on this page while looking for something totally different. That's one of the great many joys of internet. To look one thing and find something you didn't think of looking.

Gave me many smiles. Though it's too late for me, I guess I'm just doomed by YODAH and the gang.

Also their merchandise is something else...look for Jesus pants.

BTW, I went to see the 3rd part and did like it. It shows why Anakin turned to Darth Vader, though the reason did feel a bit shaky. And his transition happened quite fast. Still, a good movie and I just can't wait untill I, II and III are all on DVD.

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Stargate SG-1: 1 set rat gags

157° 12' NET

One of the main reasons to go to Vancouver in April was the Official Stargate SG-1 Convention which was held in there and especially since it also included a possibility to get a tour in Bridge Studios at the sets of both Stargate and Atlantis. Needless to say it was pretty cool to see all that and hear about things which go on behind the scenes. Only we couldn't take any photos at the set which was a bit disappointing but I understand the reason for it. Anyway, we did get one photo taken of us - individually, not as a group - right in the front of Stargate in the gate room. Mine is framed and has a place on my wall. Maybe I'll put a photo of that in here later.

The convention started in the Hilton hotel Friday 15th and first we were confronted with Dan Shea, stunt co-ordinator for the show and Richard Dean Andersons stunt double and 'Siler' from the series. A lot of times you see him with 'The Wrench".

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He is a real comedian, but it seemed that most of the actors on the show are. I think it's one of the prime requirements when being in the show. Dull people are stargated away to a blackhole.

Dan Shea told about various incidents which happened on his career, how he started with Richard Dean Anderson and how he almost lost his leg in a stunt.
From that I learned that it is not a good idea to stick your foot in a rock crusher.

He also repeatedly mentioned something about playing with fire and protection gel. I think the man has a fixation.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt also happened that while Dan was having his act going on and cracking everyone up - for example his evident inability to keep his microphone/sender unit secured on his pants to stay there, he dropped the thing at least three times...which would make me feel a bit uncertain if my safety was in the hands of a guy who drops things repeatedly...hmmm - anyway, he suddenly received a phone call. It was his wife on the line. So, since he was on stage he of course made everyone say 'Hi!' to his spouse.

Or then it was an emergency back-up plan for those moments when you run out of anything funny to say.

Anyway, he was very amusing and did a good warm up for the rest of the day and the weekend.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOne another person I was delighted to see was Teryl Rothery, the perky little female cuteness, who played the now-all-too-dead Dr. Janet Fraiser.

If someone deserves to be brought back to life in the show then she would be that person. I mean her character would be that person. She is anything but dead in real life.
She did say that Christopher Judge is trying to write an episode where her characted would be revived. I hope that's going to work and as soon as possible.

Then there were of course Mr. Christopher Judge and Mr. Michael Shanks.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

These two did the longest appearance and also I think were responsible for most of the laughs. Personally I came out of that whole session with new associations for apples and Virginia. I guess you had to hear it to get that. Trust me, it was hilarious.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI also learned that Mr. Shanks may have had in his past huge difficulties to get out of bed after a good night of consuming brewery products while Mr. Judge was ready to giddy up and kick some ass.

This excellent capture portraits Mr. Christopher Judge testimonial re-enactment of the particular shanksinian head covering pull-the-blanket-in-agony movement.

Even though Mr. Shanks got his part of the punches, he also delivered his share...but I have to admit that I think Mr. Judge walked away with a bigger piece of pie than he did...but then again, Mr. Shanks got all the chicks and all Mr. Judge got was a hug from a guy.

One thing which did come out also was the fact that Mr. Shanks does not really enjoy so much going to all these conventions.

Did he have fun?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Well, here I am again sitting in this kill ass chair, listening to the same goddam freakin' questions again and again and again...won't she shut up already!"

Did he have fun??

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"And what the hell is that dude shooting for? Stuff that f*ckin' EOS 300D up your a** and zoom in on that, pal!!"

Did he have fun???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Ah, being an artist is so cruel, they don't understand me, I'm just an sex object for all those weird, pushy females who want to have my child! I'm more than that, I'm a human being - I think I'm going to cry now..."

Did he have fun????

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Oh, screw it! I'm getting paid millions and ,hey, let's face it, I am great looking guy and I get all the chicks while Chris gets hugged by guys. I'm the man, yeah!! Whoohoo! Let's do this!!"

Yeah, he did have fun...at least a little.

One interesting room in the convention was the prop showroom with bits and pieces from the show. Especially interesting for me was to see how they had reverse engineered this X-302 jet engine

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From this

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nothing is as clever as an engineer - especially one on reverse.

Those were the most interesting bits of the convention that I can think of now. There were a lot of stuff happening, a lot more actors appearing and also producers/directors of the show were there. They gave valuable information and insight to the process and also about the future of the shows, Stargate and Atlantis.

A full and comprehensive report of the convention can be found at Gateworld, which is a great site concerning information of the series. Check it out.

Next weekend I'm off to London to another convention and hopefully I'll see Don S. Davies who is one of my favorites from the show.

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Thursday, May 19

Newsweek did it

Newsweek, you bastard.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Quite right.

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Wednesday, May 18

Oh laziness

No posting in a long time, but that's just because I am lazy. Well, actually I have been otherwise occupied and couldn't make it in a while. And I was tied down by other activities - nothing naughty though - for an example I could point you to Tina's snazzy pages.
So, that's what kept me from updating.
And I was lazy.

Anyway, I think I'll have my second part of Visiting Vancouver and Stargate SG-1 convention up and running around Friday 20th.

Oh, and I'm going on 27th in London where they have another convention.
Got bitten by a bug.

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Monday, May 2

15 minutes

That's the length of mine second coffee break. I was supposed to have only a half a day, but since some morons got sick, I have to stay all day. That sucks.
Well, only 1 hour and 15 minutes to go...unless the stuff which is supposed to come is late again...which would be something that would suck.
We'll see.

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