Monday, May 30

Search Statistics: Stargate SG-1 for Season 9

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Searches done in May 2005:

Christopher Judge:

Ben Browder:
3 208

Michael Shanks:
5 404

Amanda Tapping:
36 872

Poor Christopher.

I think half of the searches of Amanda Tapping had something to do with having no clothes on. Something which Christopher Judge wouldn't mind for himself actually...he is most eager to lower his pants.

Oh, and of course

Teryl Rothery:
2 830

Still more searched than poor Christopher. But then again she is a woman and guys like her. So, do the math.

Anyway, they all have a long way to go for the figures Paris Hilton pulls:
2 534 899 total searches in May.

I imagine a big part of that also has something to do with activities sans clothing.

The results are retrieved from Overture. The overture network of sites includes Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, InfoSpace, CNet, AltaVista.

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