Sunday, October 31

I'm gettin' aggravated!

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Orange County Choppers aka OCC. One of my very favorite tv-shows in the box at the moment...well, actually I think it is about the only one since I watch really really little what comes out.
OCC everytime if I can.

It is nice to see how those amazing machines come together, how it is a real struggle sometimes and how many people are actually involved in fabricating one. And of course the delicious 'battle' between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. is ever intriguing. The old man is gettin' aggravated and the Junior don't know what he is talking about.

So, if a family relation soap is your cup of tea, give OCC a try.

Oh, and I just would like to add that Mikey is doing a great job and should get a rise :P

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Saturday, October 30

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Error

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Ah, I am so proud of this :)

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Tuesday, October 26

Pitcairn Style

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Men having sex with under-age girls. In Pitcairn that's considered normal.

What is the right age for the age of consent? That depends on where you live:


Argentina - 15
Bahamas - 16
Canada - 14
Colombia - male 14, female 12
India - 18
Indonesia - male 19, female 16
Hungary - 14
Peru - male 14, female 12
Tunisia - 20
UK - 16
US - federal age 16

It is a cultural thing, but the question is should it be a cultural thing?

Anyway, Pitcairn island map tells it's own story. Or what would you think about places like 'Deep Walley' and 'Old Palm' and 'Big Sully' or 'Bitey-Bitey' or -this is my favorite- 'Timiti's Crack'.
Maybe that's why they also have a place called 'Oh dear'...

PS. If I would be named Randy Christian and being accused for sexual misbehaviour, I would be worried...

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Ashlee Simpson, To Be Live Or Not to Be??

Saturday Night Live Show is actually Saturday Night Live-unless-you-get-caught-while-not-being-live-Show.
Manager-Father says that this has never ever happened before. I take it he is referring to 'vocal backup' as it is called and not to the fact that they got caught while doing it..or trying to do it.

How about the fans? Go figure.

I think Elton John said it the best -
"Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot".
Of course nobody had to pay to see Ashlee, nevertheless may those words from a huge show dude be a warning to all those so called artists who screw you when you paid to hear them sing.

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Sunday, October 24

Haiku 2

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Grey sky standing still
Invisible hand pushing -
Death harvests again

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The wind is restless
chasing the tip of its tail,
Darkness descending

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Sunday, October 17

Lisbon - Bon Voyage

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I'm going to Lisbon for a couple of days in December.
I have to start putting up some kind of a plan...where to go, what to do, what not to do....
I don't know if there is something which is a must to see, but I have to look that up.

I hear that food is good and local wine is not too bad either. That's something I can check out with pleasure.
Walking is going to be nice, uphill in many places.

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The Religion of the Future?

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"There is no emotion...
There is peace.

There is no ignorance...
There is knowledge.

There is no passion...
There is serenity.

There is no chaos...
There is harmony.

There is no death...
There is the Force."

- Star Wars:Knight of the Old Republic

Some people are actually following the 'Jedi' religion. Take a look.

Maybe in a thousand years it will be THE religion of that time.
George Lucas would be a prophet.

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Friday, October 15

Red Bull

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I can't believe that they get away with this! I have consumed many cans of Red Bull, yet I am bound to the gravity of this planet...WHERE THE HELL ARE MY WINGS!!!!

I want my wings, it would be so much more easier to go to work and - hmmmm....nevermind. Where I am living, I would be blown to sea or in England if I were lucky. BUT they would make a helluva party attraction nevertheless!

BTW why is this FAQ missing from the Bullsite in the States? Maybe people are just not asking stupid questions??

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Thursday, October 14


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3 - 1

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The Finnish football team thanks the Dutch team for being such a great host for the World Cup game yesterday.
I am sure this warm gesture can only make the relationship between these two countries stronger.
So, once more: Thank you from the bottom of my foot...

Who said I can't handle failure???

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Wednesday, October 13

World Cup

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Today is the day, when The Netherlands and Finland are going to face each other and see if the ball indeed is round.

I think it is safe to assume that it is.

And who shall win the game?? Well, Finland of course!

....or maybe not...

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Tuesday, October 12

Sexiest female celebrity

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Did you know that Tomb Raider actress and UNICEF ambassador Angelina Jolie is the world's sexiest international celebrity with 18% of the votes...only problem is that she is more popular with women (24%) than men (17%)...well, as long as you are popular.

If you are interested in sexual behaviour in various countries, you should check and the annual Global Sex Survey. Makes an interesting reading...

Hmmm...Angelina would I like to see her??

On her good day,

or on a bad day,

....good day...

...oh, yeah definitely on a good day...

Still can't figure it out why women like her more than men....go figure...go...haha...nevermind...

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Monday, October 11


ZEN is way cool!

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Sunday, October 10

Coffee and Bears

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I am a coffee person. I like that black poison and don't come to me with that caffeine free shit. Won't do any good for me. I need my fix for the day.

When I really need a cup, it is a kind of dangerous situation. You wouldn't like to get between me and my cup. It's like getting caught between a mother bear and its cubs...I can be a bit grumpy...

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My wife said:
"You are a pig!"
I said:
"I'm so happy to hear I am evolving since yesterday I was just a slime ball."


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Monday, October 4

War Games

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ShellShock Nam '67. Probably nice on a console. The PC version - surprisingly - sucks like a hoover. From the Vietnam games I have played the best so far is Vietcong. Even that has it's short comings, but it is a better game on PC than ShellShock.

ShellShock is going to be just one more game on my list of games I won't be buying...until maybe a year later when you can pick it up from the cheap rack for 10 e.

The best war game I have is of course Operation Flashpoint with all the extra's. It has good controls, a fuctional squad command system, good enough graphics and a kick ass mission editor. Plus a very vital community.
What made me the most impressed with it years back when I got the first OFP was the freedom of movement. You don't have to walk on a ready made path from which you can't go left of right. You can go around your enemies if you want. If you are in command, you can freely choose your approach. If it doesn't work, you can only blame yourself.

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What's the point?

In life? What is it about? You fight, suffer, bleed, cry and love. At the end there is nothing but death. So, what's the point?

Most people are zombies, walking about minding their business, which is what ever it is...I think at the end it doesn't really make any difference. You can be an angry teenager, a soccer mom, a nice old lady down the block - we all have the same fate, end of the existance. Maybe if you did something big during your life like kill a lot of people, had a couple of nice big long wars or on the other hand maybe you came up with a medicine against some disease, then maybe you would be remembered a few centuries.

So what...sands of time stretch much further than minds and memories of men.

It is all an illusion...promise of something meaningful and important made by our collective fear of fading away to nothing.

I never got why people are so much asking if there is something after your body shuts down, and you life support drops to red. Why is it important?
If there is something, you'll find out soon enough.
If there is nothing, then you would not know any better since your consciousness would just melt into nothing and you would cease to exist.

FF: All my life

All my life I've been searching for something
Something never comes, never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope
All night long I dream of the day
When it comes around, then it's taken away
Leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most
Feel it come to life when I see your ghost

And I'm done, done, on to the next one


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Sunday, October 3

Games that suck ass

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There are a lot of games which do just that and with me they are usually those shitty console games turned PC games.
Game industry is leaning towards the console markets so that all those PS2, GC, X-box and what ever owners have enough so called games in which to spend their money.

Some of those games - not all, thank god - are translated to PC games and my experience is that usually the games just suck ass big time. Most of the time it has to do with graphics, controls, savepoints (lack of them).

I was playing True Crime the other day. Enough to realize that I won't be getting it for myself. The game camera hops around by itself, and you can't really control how it turns. The baddies materialize from thin air, so does the cars on the streets. The whole thing has 'console' written all over it. Does not play nicely with PC - in other words: Sucks Ass.

Other example is Spiderman 2. Unless you need to have a game for your 5 year old kid, don't buy it for PC. The console version (I heard) is different from the PC version, which sucks really hugely (PC version that is). First of all it lasts...well, actually it doesn't last, it is short. Really short. To pay a full price for it is stupid. I can't imagine why oh why did they release it for PC at all other than just rip the money off the customers who thought they are going to get something nice to play.

An example from other end of the spectrum is Pandora Tomorrow, the new part of Splinter Cell. It works a lot better on PC. In fact, everything works just fine, I could even save when ever I wanted.

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Star Wars Trilogy

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This day - or rather yesterday, since it's almost 2:30 AM now - I purchased the Star Wars Trilogy pack. It is worth the money, so if you are thinking on getting one I highly recommend it.

I watched the first one and I am happy with the quality and I can also live with the extra scenes which were not in the original movie(s).

Anyone interested in the 'hard science' behind the Star Wars Universe can check this:

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